Colour consistency of pre-painted steel 

Technical advice:

Paint colour consistency is an issue which is carefully managed by suppliers of pre-painted products, particularly when it comes to ensuring minimal batch to batch variation.

Paint batches are controlled within very strict tolerances, and product is measured during manufacture to a master colour standard, which is held in a secure, central location. This ensures product from one batch to the next will always be close in visual colour appearance and is measured against the agreed master standard.

It should be noted however that particular care should be taken if it is intended to use older product on the same installation as new stock. This is because the paint formulations used may occasionally change as part of the continual improvement in paint technology, and long-term durability performance.

Below is an example where material from two batches made several months apart have ended up on the same roof (photo has been enhanced to illustrate the subject).

Image altered to demonstrate an example of colour mismatch from different batches.

UniCote® LUX is a special case, given the unique nature of the surface appearance, and the manufacturing process used to build up the pattern during processing. In this case it is impossible to measure colour the colour of one batch compared to the next, although a master standard of each pattern is still developed and held in storage. There may be slight differences in the make-up of patterns batch to batch, and we strongly advise that material for the one job should always be sourced from the same production batch.

Garth Weston
Technical Manager, Selection Steel