• Roofing
          • Roofing

            Explore our range of steel solutions, applicable profiles, colours and patterns for your next steel roof.

          • Wye House high angle over-looking the coast. The cladding and roofing is UniCote Coastal.
    • Fascia & Guttering
          • Fascia & Guttering

            Whether or not you have a steel roof, complete the look of your home with UniCote fascia, gutters and downpipes.

          • UniCote Fascia, gutters and downpipe
    • Garage Doors
          • Garage Doors

            Enhance your home’s facade with exclusive range of UniCote LUX garage door textured patterns, including timber, natural and exotic finishes.

          • UniCote LUZ Zinc Graphite Garage Door
    • Cladding
          • Cladding

            Be inspired and leave a lasting impression by selecting cladding from our unique range of colours, patterns and solutions.

    • Insulated Panels
          • Insulated Panels

            Steel solutions, inspired colours and patterns for your insulated panel application.

          • Brimbank Lifestyle and Aquatic Centre, UniCote LUX Weathered Iron insulated panels
    • Sheds
          • Sheds

            Steel solutions, inspiring colours and patterns for your shed project.

    • Compare Steel Solutions
    • UniCote Select
          • UniCote Select

            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Select’ steel solution.

          • UniCote Select Euengella Project
    • UniCote Coastal
          • UniCote Coastal

            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Coastal’ steel solution.

    • UniCote Extreme
          • UniCote Extreme

            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Extreme’ aluminium solution.

          • Bondi Icebergs
    • UniCote LUX
          • UniCote LUX

            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote LUX’ textured and patterned steel solution.

          • UniCote LUX cover-Govhub
    • Colour Library
    • Inspiration Gallery
          • Inspiration Gallery

            A curated collection of architectural projects showcasing the colours, patterns and textures of our UniCote products in varied environments.

    • Case Studies
          • Case Studies

            A collection of remarkable projects that exemplify the use for UniCote for roofing and cladding.

    • Articles
          • Articles

            2 minute reads: industry insights and design trends that elevate the use of pre-painted steel.

  • Why UniCote®



UniCote® presents an exceptional selection of coloured steel roofing products, carefully crafted with cutting-edge coating technology. Our four-tier range is designed to cater to diverse atmospheric environments and architectural designs, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Whether your project calls for moderate inland conditions or faces the challenges of severe marine influence, UniCote® has the ideal steel material for your roofing needs. Our team of industry consultants can provide tailored recommendations, enabling you to maximiser production while enjoying the benefits of our comprehensive warranty program.

Where are you building?

Choose the right UniCote® for your roof.

Endurance in colour steel

Distance from marine: 1000m+

Durable with long-lasting colour retention, UniCote® Select is our most popular choice, providing flexibility in style and peace of mind for your next project.  

For that extra protection

Distance from marine: 0-400m+

UniCote® Coastal, the ultimate metal solution for the Australian coastline, provides unparalleled corrosion resistance to withstand the harshest of conditions.

For demanding environments

Distance from marine: 0m+

UniCote® Extreme sets a new standard for aluminium materials, designed for use in very severe marine environments and industrial applications.

Where art meets steel

Distance from marine: 400m+

UniCote® LUX is a premium pre-painted steel product designed to suit Australian high-end architecture. Superior performance with stunning patterned and textured finishes.

We offer a wide range of metal solutions to protect your investment from the atmospheric environment present. Get your site specific warranty pre-approval in 48-hours by filling in our Warranty Pre-approval Form.

Enhance your roof design

Which profile suits your style?

Embrace seamless synergy of architectural brilliance as UniCote® steel effortlessly integrates with a variety of popular roofing profiles, including dynamic Corrugated, sleek Concealed Deck, and the classic 5 Rib Trapezoidal styles.


Five Rib

Concealed Deck - Unicote Steel Profiles

Concealed Deck



Standing-Seam - Unicote Steel Profiles

Standing Seam

Contact us to enquire about other available profiles.

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Why UniCote®

Inspiring building design and architectural
creativity, with a choice in style and performance.

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