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          • Wye House high angle over-looking the coast. The cladding and roofing is UniCote Coastal.
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            Whether or not you have a steel roof, complete the look of your home with UniCote fascia, gutters and downpipes.

          • UniCote Fascia, gutters and downpipe
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          • UniCote LUZ Zinc Graphite Garage Door
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          • Brimbank Lifestyle and Aquatic Centre, UniCote LUX Weathered Iron insulated panels
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          • UniCote Coastal, Slate Grey - Portsea Hotel
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          • Architectural house from New Zealand with cladding and roofing in Tasman colours
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          • Latrobe Valley Govhub, UniCote LUX cladding and sofits in Ashwood
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            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Select’ steel solution.

          • UniCote Select Euengella Project
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            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Coastal’ steel solution.

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            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote Extreme’ aluminium solution.

          • Bondi Icebergs
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            Data sheet, performance, technical information and warranty about our ‘UniCote LUX’ textured and patterned steel solution.

          • UniCote LUX cover-Govhub
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  • Why UniCote®

UniCote Coastal

For that extra protection

A steel material that heals its own cuts.

UniCote® Coastal takes our standard aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate to the next level with the addition of magnesium. This enables the zinc to ‘flow’, which seals the cut edges preventing exposure to premature corrosion. This makes it ideal for harsher environments and those nearer the coast.

The extra benefits of UniCote® Coastal

Inspiring building design and architectural
creativity, with a choice in style and performance.

  • Perfect for Coastal Conditions
  • 30% Thicker Protective Coating
  • The Magic of added Magnesium
  • Industry leading warranties
  • UniCote tested in Australian conditions icon
    Tested in Australian Conditions
  • unicote-wide-range-of-colours icon
    Wide Range of Colours
  • unicote-fire-rated-non-combustible
  • unicote-thermal-efficiency-icon
    Thermal efficiency

Tested for peace of mind.
Again and again.

UniCote® Steel’s performance testing is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and durability, instilling unwavering confidence in architects and homeowners alike. Rigorously tested beyond industry standards, it boasts exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and weather endurance, ensuring architectural visions will stand the test of time.

Homeowners can take comfort in knowing that UniCote® Steel guarantees safety, security, and long-lasting beauty, providing the peace of mind needed to turn houses into homes built to last. 


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 1530.3 Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials.


Suitable for continuous service up to 100ºC. Continuous service at higher temperatures may cause some colour change and damage to the paint film.


Good scratch resistance. Testing includes needle scratch test – no marking of paint surface when a needle with up to a 2kg weight attached is drawn across. ASTM DS178-13..


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Sections 2.8 and 2.10.


No loss of paint adhesion after a test piece is struck on the reverse side with a specified force, in line with the test methodology AS/NZS2728:2013 Table 2.2 and Appendix E.


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Sections 2.8 and 2.9.


No loss of adhesion or paint cracking when bent around a diameter equal to five times the thickness of the sheet AS/NZS2728:2013 section 2.6.1 and Appendix F.


Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013 Section 2.8 and Table 2.4. Note: Tests are conducted on a flat panel.

Technical, Warranty & Downloads

Behind all the beauty and performance is the meticulous technical detail that supports our strong warranty position. With our unwavering support and protection, you can proceed with absolute confidence, knowing that your vision is backed by a steel product that is engineered to excel in every aspect. 

Technical Information


Hot-dipped Zinc/Aluminium/Magnesium alloy coated steel coil. Alloy coating weight; Minimum 210gms/m².


Corrosion resistant conversion coating.


A flexible corrosion resistant primer on both sides. Nominal thickness is 5µms ± 1µms.

Finish Coat

Super Advanced Durable Polyester coating (SADP). Nominal film thickness 18µms ± 2µms. Available in standard 25% Gloss.

Backing Coat

Grey polyester wash coat. Nominal thickness is 5µms ± 1µms


Available in standard 25% gloss.

Protective Film

Products are supplied with an easily removed strippable protective film. This material has a relatively short life span when exposed to sunlight and weather. It should be removed either just before, or immediately after installation.


Depending on the environment and distance from water, UniCote® offers warranties of differing lengths on UniCote® Coastal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in moderate-severe marine and industrial environments.

Warranty up to 30 years

Complete our online warranty form and receive a pre-approval warranty within 48 hours!


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