Steel Roofing & Cladding in Coastal Environments

Navigating Key Challenges While Maintaining Design Flexibility

An overview

While the rate of deterioration varies among metal roofs and walls, without the right protection, they can succumb to the effects of humidity and salty sea air in coastal environments. For this reason, architects may choose to use other materials, even if they do not offer the same functional or aesthetic benefits. However, today there is a greater range of corrosion-resistant steel solutions for different environmental conditions, with an expanding selection of colours, finishes and textures.

Steel Roofing & Cladding in Coastal Environments: Navigating Key Challenges While Maintaining Design Flexibility examines the design considerations when using steel in coastal environments. By using the right corrosion-resistant metals and coatings and understanding the range of design options available, architects can achieve their creative vision without having to forfeit form, function or aesthetics.

For nearly a decade, UniCote Steel has been a trusted choice of Australians when it comes to safeguarding their most prized possession or bringing their visionary designs to life. While extremely popular for roofing, UniCote goes beyond this; ever increasing its popularity with exterior cladding and offering a contemporary aesthetic that pairs seamlessly with materials like wood and concrete.

UniCote® Steel Roofing & Cladding White Paper

Dive deeper into our must-read guide as we unpack crucial aspects, including:

  • Challenges of Coastal Weather
  • Durability Versus Aesthetics
  • Corrosion-Resistant Materials
  • Design Flexibility
  • Sustainable Building Practices
  • Installation and Maintenance Best Practices
  • Innovative Architectural Solutions

Each of these areas is covered in detail, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and innovations in coastal architecture.

For that extra protection

UniCote® Coastal, the ultimate metal solution for the Australian coastline, provides unparalleled corrosion resistance to withstand the harshest of conditions.