Modern Timber Look Garage Doors


There’s no denying that timber can bring warmth and character to the aesthetic of your home. With innovative products expanding what’s possible in modern home design, you can add depth and personality to your home facade with a modern timber look garage door. UniCote® LUX can help you achieve the timber look and enjoy the easy, hassle free maintenance and durability of steel.

Elevate your Street Appeal

Garage doors take up serious real estate when it comes to your home’s façade. This means there’s plenty of potential to leverage your garage door as a key design feature. A modern timber look garage door can help you create big impact and have your home standing out from the rest.

UniCote® LUX timber look steel is an ideal solution as a high-performance product with great design flexibility. What’s more, you’d be hard pressed to see the difference between real timber and timber look steel, so there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics.

The most popular patterns from the range includes Ashwood, Maple and Wenge.

In addition to these are the “Timbers of the World” series, with Gympie Messmate, Brazilian Walnut, Western Red Cedar, Kapur and African Blackwood, available exclusively with leading select garage door manufacturers (just ask for the UniCote LUX® range).

UniCote LUX is available in all the popular garage door profiles including: sectional, flatline, slimline, and custom doors – offering you the flexibility to find a timber look solution that meets your unique design brief.

You’re also not limited to timber look UniCote® LUX patterns – our Architectural range, including Spectrum, Zinc Graphite, Weathered Iron andCorten Red, that are just as impressive if you’re looking to take your home façade to the next level. 

Reduce Ongoing Maintenance

Despite the charm of timber products – they are high maintenance. Keeping real timber looking at its best requires a commitment to regular washing, sanding and revarnishing, often on a yearly basis.

Whether you can do this yourself, or you need to hire someone to undertake the maintenance for you, this means more time and money. When UniCote® LUX can provide you with a low maintenance ‘timber look’ garage door, there’s really no need to think twice.

Maintain Strength and Durability

Advances in technology mean that a timber look steel product can achieve the earthy warmth of timber, with incredible realism, while offering the unparalleled strength and durability of steel. 

Real timber garage doors are also far more susceptible to the harsh conditions of the Australian climate. The last thing you want is to watch your garage door crack, peel, chip or warp. There’s also the potential for rot or termite damage to erode your garage door over time – a non-issue when it comes to timber look steel products.

There are plenty of reasons to explore the UniCote® LUX timber look range. To learn more and view the modern finishes available for your new garage door, please visit our website:

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