Ashwood in Action: Latrobe Valley

Project Highlight: The Latrobe Gov Hub - A Showcase of Modernity and Sustainability

Discover how our UniCote® LUX Ashwood steel cladding seamlessly integrates with the architectural vision of the Latrobe Gov Hub, a prominent symbol of modernity and sustainability.

Ashwood's Transformative Power: Elevating the Latrobe Gov Hub's Exterior

In the pursuit of a visually stunning and practical design, the Latrobe Gov Hub sought a cladding solution that could adapt to various styles while complementing the building's aesthetics. Unicote's Ashwood steel cladding proved to be the ultimate choice, effortlessly meeting all design requirements and harmoniously integrating with the building's overall visual language.

Explore the Work in Progress

Watch Ashwood in Action as the LaTrobe Gov Hub is being built!

Project Gallery

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Take a look at the inspiring images as we deliver the final project in our inspiration gallery. You’ll see how the steel blends seamlessly into the intricate spaces of the project with its remarkable wood-like finish. The authenticity is so convincing that even we had to examine it closely. You’d never guess the wood texture was steel if you didn’t know!