Queensland Country Bank Stadium

Queensland Country Bank Stadium is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. The award-winning 25,000-plus-seat stadium formed part of the Townsville City Deal to invest in local infrastructure and elevate the vibrance and liveability of the city. The project saw Cox Architecture and Besix Watpac work in collaboration with the Queensland Government, the Australian Government, and the Townsville City Council.

Located in Townsville, a coastal town in North Queensland, the project presented a unique set of design challenges, namely the likelihood of exposure to extreme weather conditions and corrosion. The stadium’s footprint is located on the banks of Ross Creek, a saltwater estuarine inlet that necessitated the use of corrosion-resistant materials. Another key design priority for the project was to create an inner-city stadium that could be used year-round despite the unpredictability of tropical climate conditions. This meant the roof design and structure were integral to achieving a functional outcome for the local Townsville community.

The stadium's design incorporates the form of the Pandanus tree, creating a unique sense of place and symbolism for the North Queensland region. The V-shaped nature of the Pandanus leaf inspired the roof design, offering the structural strength and flexibility required to withstand the wind loads of cyclonic weather events. Collaboration between the architectural and engineering teams culminated in a roof structure capable of responding to extreme wind conditions without compromising on design aesthetics. In fact, the stadium is a notable addition to the city skyline. To further enhance the usability of the stadium, architects imagined a horseshoe-shaped bowl design facing north towards the city, offering patrons welcome breezes through the Stadium.

Despite the complex roof geometry, the design vision was made a reality with the strength and flexibility of UniCote® Coastal. A steel roof is susceptible to the elements along cut edges. The addition of magnesium to the standard zinc/aluminium alloy at elevated coating weights offers a unique protective metal coating. Over time, zinc flows over the cut edges, initiating a sacrificial anti-corrosive reaction that creates a seal. Crafted to defy the elements, Unicote® Coastal offers exceptional corrosion resistance and weather endurance, making it the ideal solution for the contextual needs of the project.

Although Unicote® Coastal offers an extensive range of colours, the project utilised the shade Off White. The quintessential warm white lends itself beautifully to large-scale architectural projects that stand prominently within urban environments. The Off White colourway also places greater emphasis on the geometric nature of the design and the corrugated profile of the steel.

There’s no question that Queensland Country Bank Stadium sits proudly in the coastal Townsville landscape and will be home to iconic sporting and entertainment events for decades to come. Being named Project of the Year at the Master Builders North Queensland Housing & Construction Awards, Queensland Country Bank Stadium exemplifies what is possible when innovative design meets high-performance materials.

QLD Country Bank Stadium night time photograph. Low Angle with a long shutter speed. Roofing in UniCote Coastal, Off White
A view of the QLD Country Bank Stadium with Ross Creek int eh foreground. Roofing is in UniCote Coastal, Off White.
QLD Country Bank Stadium landscape photo. Roofing is in UniCote Coastal, Off White
A low angle from the north stand of the QLD Country Bank Stadium focusing on the underside of the UniCote Coastal roofing in Off White.

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